Injection Moulding

We offer quick-turn injection moulding using thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubber materials. Use our service for prototyping and low-volume batch production. Receive your parts in less than three weeks.

  • 10 to 1.000 parts shipped within 14 days
  • Use our service for low-volume batch production
  • Moulds starting at 495 €

Our Injection Moulding Services

Plastic Injection

Use our Plastic Injection Moulding service to manufacture excellent parts using one of our wide selection of resins. Choose your surface finish and let us know which colours you are aiming for.

Liquid Silicone
Rubber (LSR) Moulding

The LSR injection moulding process is similar to the plastic injection moulding. The LSR properties are thermal chemical and electrical resistance as well as biocompatibility.

Materials for Injection Moulding

ABSBlack, White, NaturalResin€€
PA (Nylon)Black, NaturalResin
PCBlack, White, ClearResin€€

Looking for another material?

Let us know which material you are looking for in your quote request.


Choose from our surface finishing techniques to make the best out of your parts.

Sand blasting

Use sand blasting to get an even surface on your parts and remove traces and contaminants from the production process. Different surface qualities are possible, from rather smooth to rough.

Brushed / Polished metal

We brush and polish your metal parts to create a unidirectional satin finish. This can be done in any intensity for different surface qualities, from smooth to rough.


We lacquer your parts to create a colour finish with different appearances, from glossy to mat. We use acrylic lacquers in the RAL and Pantone colour system. Feel free to ask for other lacquers.

Powder coating

Use our powder coating service to create a tough and lasting colour finish with different appearances, from glossy to mat. We use powders in the RAL and Pantone system.


Use our anodising service with our Aluminium materials to add a thick protective oxide layer to your parts and colour the surface at the same time if required. Feel free to ask for colour samples.


We offer Gold and Silver plating to add a decorative and protective layer on the surface. With this technique Gold or Silver is deposited on the conductive surface of your parts.