About us

Founded in 2015, by designers Kristian Knobloch and Keren Hu as well as developer Dominik Krebs, Makerama is an affordable, reliable and fast source of parts, prototypes and small batch production for students and professionals in the creative industry. Headquartered in Munich, Makerama has offices and factories in London and Beijing.
We have the clear vision not only to become the leading making partner for the creative industry, but also to create a rich ecosystem for designers and makers to turn ideas into physical objects.

How we make it happen


Our factories are all located in the Beijing area. Within 24 hours after your request our quoting team, which is located in our Beijing office, will come back to you to clarify your request and provide you with a quote.

We manufacture 24/7, so we are ready to go in the moment you place the order. During the manufacturing we are running a constant quality control process to ensure our quality standards.

Your project is being shipped to Munich afterwards for a final quality control, repacked and delivered to you.

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The Team

Behind Makerama stands an international ambitious team.

Kristian Knobloch

Kristian Knobloch
CEO & Co-Founder

Kristian studied mechanical engineering and industrial design at leading European institutions. He is founding partner of the innovation driven online agency NETZKOLLEKTIV in Nuremberg and the social internet startup nearBees in Munich, and bringing in his expertise from a design, business and engineering point of view.

Keren Hu

Keren Hu
CCO & Co-Founder

Keren studied design in Beijing and London. He is partner of the United Design Lab in Beijing and gathered a lot of experiences in the production of prototypes for international clients in the Chinese market. Keren is head of our cusomter relationships and managing our Beijing office.

Dominik Krebs

Dominik Krebs
CTO & Co-Founder

Dominik studied international information systems and has been developing and managing in various web and IT projects. He is partner of the innovation driven online agency NETZKOLLEKTIV in Nuremberg and the social internet startup nearBees in Munich. Dominik is managing our web platform and streamlining our business processes for a fast and reliable service.

Shanyi Shu

Shanyi Shu

Shanyi studied design in Beijing. He has been working in the making of prototypes in various design projects and managing the production process with different factories in China. Shanyi is head of production at Makerama and managing our factories in the Beijing area.